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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Start menu button and charms frozen

February 29th by Webmaster

To anyone experiencing MS Windows 8.1 start menu button and charms frozen, it is a bug in Win 8.1 which I can replicate at will. Reinstalling your system as suggested by MS engineers will not fix this. To force the bug to appear: 1. Grab a desktop Icon (recycle bin, any shortcut) and move this […]

How to write a paper and get it published?

October 8th by Webmaster

The following post is based on a document I made a couple of years ago to circulate to MSc and PhD students I was supervising to encourage them to turn thesis work into papers and to show the process that takes papers from submission to publication. It seemed to me a good idea to recycle […]

Eissa Creations has build 2 websites for me in the last 2 months, one relating to training in makeup and another one relating to properties in Spain. Both of them look very nice and user friendly. They was very helpful and understanding about my requirement and had them built really quickly. I am truly impressed with the service they has provided and would be more than happy to recommend their work to anyone who may be interested in having a new website.

Dr Helena Benson